Why is it important?

Echo is a good first line diagnostic tool but lacks the capability to quantify. 4D Flow offers a next-level, precise, non-invasive alternative.

Clinical applications

4D Flow can be applied in a large number of clinical indications to precisely visualize & quantify blood flow.

Our Process

Image entire chest with anatomy, temporal & flow data in a single sequence. Data is sent to the Arterys Cloud for quantification & visualization in a browser.

Arterys Cloud Login with Cardiac MRI Graphic

Rapid & Simple scan

Get all the key clinical information you need in a 10 min acquisition vs. 60-90 min conventional scan.

Illustration of time reduction compared to conventional cardiac MRI

Full report

Create clinical reports in under 10 minutes. Get key flow & function values. Send screenshots & video captures to reports, sync with PACS.

Frequently Asked Questions

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