AI gets real.
Your AI assistant for
cardiovascular patients

Engineered for performance

Save up to 25 minutes per study

Arterys Cardio AI powers your Cardiac MRI post-processing workflow with deep learning and cloud supercomputing – while keeping you in full control. Generate and edit your reports faster and with precision. That’s what it means to be AI-assisted.

Strength in numbers

LV/RV function segmentation save up to
25 minutes

Enables a 

30% faster exam

Trained on 

1000’s of images

As accurate as 

7 global experts

Refer to data sheet for more information.

User Interface

Powerfully simple

As beautiful as it is functional. Intuitively navigate the most complex medical imaging workflow.

AI for

4D Flow

Enabling a better patient experience, faster CMR and precise analysis

Arterys Cardio AI is built on the most advanced web rendering technology for medical imaging. You can load studies of any size, from 2D PC to multiple 4D Flow datasets. Enjoy breathtaking graphics and automation for a fast, comprehensive view. You’ve got to see it —  and experience it — to believe it.

AI for

2D SSFP and 3D Cine

Save up to 25 minutes per exam for LV and RV segmentation of 2D SSFP and 3D Cine.


Obtain repeatable results, including ventricular function, automatic ejection fraction and cardiac output, as accurate as the experts.

AI for

Semi-quantitative perfusion

Quickly obtain signal intensity graphs, and segmental analysis in seconds.

AI for

Quantitative delayed enhancement

Automatic contours help you visualize and quantify scarring quickly, with a few simple clicks.

AI for

T1 (Research Use Only)

Intuitive, simple calculation of T1 and ECV.

AI for

2D Phase Contrast

Repeatable flow quantification on magnitude or phase data.

Commercially available in over 100 countries.